Cleantech UBD

A history of remanufacturing


Our company was founded in 1970 under the name UBD. From the start our focus has been component remanufacture and it is within this area we have grown our business and know-how as a supplier to several of Europe’s leading car manufacturers.


First OEM obtained in the customer portfolio – Volvo. Close business partner ever since.


ISO 14000 certified


ISO/TS 16949 certified


DPF commodity launched


VDA 6.3 audited and approved to 85% by VW


Acquired Megalans remanufacturing


IATF 16949 certified

At home in Höör

Our operation facility is located in Höör, in the south of Sweden.

At the moment UBD Cleantech employs 33 persons with responsibilities within management, sales, project management, engineering, production and within purchasing/logistics. 

In our production facility we uphold the highest standards required by the automotive industry.  

Quality assured service

An important aspect of our offering is providing a quality-assured service, this is a prerequisite for the majority of our customers. 

Cleantech UBD currently holds three quality certifications; Ford Q1, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949:2016. 

We have developed two patented processes to remanufacture diesel particulate filters (DPF) and restore them to at least 95% of their original capacity. One patented process concerns passenger cars and the other one is for one for heavier vehicles such as trucks and working machinery. 

Our vision at UBD Cleantech

By offering high-tech remanufacturing solutions, process-assured quality and and cost-effective production with minimal environmental impact, UBD Cleantech will become Europe's leading remanufacturer of vital vehicle components in selected areas. 

A part of Autocirc

In 2022 UBD Cleantech became a part of Autocirc - a leading European group of companies specialising in establishing and developing  a circular auto parts industry.

Clearing the way for sustainability

By bringing individual automotive industry operators together, Autocirc creates a platform for a circular business model in which we optimise and repurpose used auto parts.

The aim is that more auto parts are reintroduced to the market again instead of being scrapped. Remanufacturing plays a significant role for a sustainable future - it reduces both waste and the need to produce new parts.

Autocirc today has 65 companies and over 1100 employees in the whole of Europe.

A strong owner - Autocirc is owned by investment company Nordic Capital.