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UBD Cleantech performs remanufacturing of vehicle components within two main business areas: 


Emission systems 




Diesel particulate Filter

We are at the forefront of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning.

The limited life of today’s Diesel Particulate Filters represents a growing concern for the automotive industry. Basically, the filters clog up prematurely. The main culprits – city traffic, driving short distances and software glitches–prevent filters from running at the right temperature. Replacing a spent DPF with a brand new one can come as a costly surprise to the owner of the vehicle, or its manufacturer. But there's a solution.

Patented technique for remanufacturing the filters

Cleantech UBD has developed a patented technique for remanufacturing the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), restoring them to a minimum of 95% of their initial capacity. Even modest quantities can enhance profitability while reducing environmental footprint.

The production of a Diesel Particulate Filter generates a substantial environmental impact, emitting 25.6 kg of carbon emissions. Remanufacturing the identical filter significantly reduces this footprint to a mere 3.3 kg of carbon emissions. 

We have developed two patented processes for remanufacturing DPFs:

Passenger cars and Trucks & Working machinery


Passenger car DPFs

The objects are marked with an ID number that provides full traceability where every step is logged. The process is carried out according to the following example:


Heavy vehicle DPFs

The remanufacturing process for heavy vehicle filters is handled by a separate production department at UBD Cleantech, adapted to handle DPFs of larger dimensions. 

For this type of DPF, the goal is to achieve at least 95% of the original performance of the filter. New DPFs are used as reference objects in all tests. 

The object is labelled with an ID number/QR code for full traceability. This can also be offered as a cloud service that provides full insight into the entire remanufacturing process in real time



In the electronics business area, UBD Cleantech can offer remanufacturing services for a wide range of electronic components.


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