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Component remanufacturing for the European automotive industry.

UBD Cleantech performs remanufacturing of vehicle components within two main business areas: emission systems and electronics. 

By offering professionally remanufactured components that fulfil all the technical specifications and quality requirements set by our customers we are one of the leading vehicle component remanufacturers in Europe today.

Emission systems

At UBD Cleantech we have developed a patented technique for remanufacturing Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), restoring them to a minimum of 95% of their initial capacity.

Remanufacturing electronics

In the electronics business area, we are offering state of the art remanufacturing services for a diverse array of electronic components.

UBD Cleantech is not just a company, It’s a vision of a sustainable automotive industry where every part has value and every action contributes to a greener earth. This is how:



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